If You’re Not Scared Shitless…

Just today I stumbled upon a comment in a LinkedIn Forum I made to my peers while I was interning at Vision Critical in Vancouver during the final months at Capilano University (that was a mouthful):

The more I think of it, the more I want to start my own *something* — whether it’s a web startup company, freelance, or even just coming up with a really successful website/web app idea. I’m still playing around with this idea, as the past few of my freelance jobs have been quite successful (creatively and financially), and I like the direction I can take this.

The idea of working for myself in that regard seems like it could be tremendously satisfying, and very successful (if I put in the hard work, obviously). I can picture not having to report to a “boss” figure, or working Monday – Friday from 9 – 5, and having to plan my life around a schedule that I have little to no power in deciding, not to mention the cap on your salary. Not having to do these things just seems so right to me; don’t get me wrong, I know working for yourself isn’t that easy either, but these are my thoughts.

I will always freelance, because at the very least, it’s an awesome way to make good money on the side. I’m just wondering if I can take it to the next level, and be very successful with it.

I posted that comment on March 30, 2011. It’s been exactly 2 years and 16 days since then, and I am so excited to say that I am on the exact path I desired to be 2 years and 16 days ago.

I’ll leave you with this:

If you’re not scared shitless, you’re not aiming high enough.

— Some awesome person, not sure who.

Brad Hussey

Hey, I’m Brad! I’m a 25 year old guy from the Canadian North who works from home and makes a living online. I’m that weird guy who loves Mondays because I love what I do. Read my story here.

  • Virgie Hudgins

    Excellent analysis , I am thankful for the details – Does someone know where my business can find a blank My Life Planning Workbook form to use ?

    • http://www.bradhussey.ca Brad Hussey

      Thanks for reading :)

  • Greg

    I have been an employee and an independent consultant, obviously at different times throughout my work-life. As an independent consultant I was in control of my professional and personal life as well as my financial welfare, something I have never felt while in an “indentured servant” role.

    Listen to your inner voice as you build a lifestyle which balances freelance work, teaching, and making plenty of time for family. Life is indeed finite with an unknown expiry date.

    By the way, your Udemy course “Code a Responsive Website with Twitter Bootstrap 3” enabled me to create a preliminary website for my start-up. Thank you.

    • http://brightsidestudios.ca Brad Hussey

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for sharing and taking the time out to read & comment!

      I’m glad my Udemy course has provided you with some value — you’re very welcome.