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A personal story about saying yes to the thing I was afraid would fail.

9 Years Ago I Almost Didn’t Launch my Udemy course that changed my life, here’s that story.I never would have thought this could happen when I first started teaching online.Nine years ago I was nervously hitting publish on my first Udemy course — it was just a simple tutorial about converting a PSD file to […]

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About Me

Who is Brad Hussey?

If you’d have told me only a few short years ago that I would be supporting my family of four as an entrepreneur with more than 400,000 international customers, I would have thought you were crazy — or talking about a different guy. Yet here I am, making an honest living from my profitable online business, supporting my family on a single income, and experiencing a life of freedom & abundance I never knew was possible.

I’m not a popular blogger or a YouTube celebrity, I don’t have the online impact of Tim Ferris nor do I have leagues of followers like Pat Flynn. I am Brad Hussey, a regular 30-year old father & husband from Canada. I started out as a humble freelance web designer, built a boutique digital marketing agency, and I’m currently building my online consulting business helping others who are sick of the 9-to-5 and building someone else’s legacy — to start their own successful consulting businesses, carve their place in the world, and live a life of freedom, abundance and passion.

Are you tired of building somebody else’s business?

Do you dream of getting paid to do something you’re excited about?

Do you desire to experience purpose in your life and work?

Do you love the idea of working from anywhere, at any time and generating income on auto-pilot?

Do you want to provide for your family without ever having to leave them for work?

Join me on the journey and let’s carve out the path you were called to walk.


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What folks say about Brad

For me this was outstanding course! I just like the way how Bradd explain things, he is so neat and detailed. If I should describe this course with one word, it would be EXCELLENT! If someone expects to be a master of PHP after this course, than he is wrong. Like the title says, “Master the Basics” which means u are going to learn basics. But we all need to start from somewhere, right? Now I am able to create my first portfolio website by myself, finally. So, the conclusion is, EXCELLENT course for the starters in this area. Thank you Bradd!!!

Dusan, Student of Practical PHP

By far the best course I’ve taken on Udemy. Stellar instructor. Great content. Valuable skills learned. Thanks so much, Brad! The hard work you put in designing and making the course is evident. I love how smoothly it flowed from one topic to the next without any hiccups. Very clear instructions and heaps of awesome tips. You rock!

Penny, Student of Bootstrap to WordPress

Really great course and so easy to follow. Brad does an amazing job instructing and makes the code very understandable. When I made it a few lectures into the MySQL section I was nearly cheering because it all kind of came together for me, being a former DBA. I was totally geeking out XD But I was more excited that I now have a foundation for a very valuable skillset. And with practice I’m only going to become better and more efficient. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a web dev 😀

Gabe, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Thank God for this course! While spending time doing self guided learning is also important, having had strong mentorship to assist me with learning the basics and best practices will save me from hours, days, and years of struggle down the road in my development career. The course is challenging, efficient, and entertaining enough. It’s already proving to be an invaluable part of my launch into a new career.

Chris, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Brad, your holistic life and productivity advice has helped me cope with terminal cancer, and yet cultivate a better personal family life. Oh yeah, helped me with confidence, useful systems and essential tools to progress towards developing once again. I’m helping to grow a business and now feel useful again.

Richard, Student of Brad's Freelance Course
Mat S. - Junior Developer

Before I started learning from your courses I had very little confidence I would be successful in web development any time soon. Your courses helped me advance quickly and learn the important things that really got the ball rolling for my career. Now just a couple months, or more, after starting your courses I am working for an amazing web development company and having so much fun! Thanks to you and your courses I am now [a Junior Web Developer at Mostly Serious]. Thank you so much for helping achieve goals in my career I never really thought I could.

Mat S., Junior Developer @ mostlyserious.io

Love learning from this guy.. so professional, so easy to follow and understand and he teaches with a practical approach, makes no assumptions of the abilities and skills of the learner.

Matt, Student of PSD to HTML5 & CSS3

I am big fan of Brad Hussey courses. The flow of his lectures are helpful for beginners as well as for expert level people. I like information and resources he deliver at every lecture/course. Great Job!!

Priya, Student of Practical PHP

Brad Hussey is the best online web development instructor I have found. He is easy to understand, teaches in a way where people learn the content as opposed to just copying it and is easy to listen to.

Jacob, Student of Practical PHP

Brad is one of my favorite underrated entrepreneurs because he works so hard and creates amazing content.

Trevor Fenner, Founder of Fenner Supply Co.

Second course I’ve taken by Brad. His teaching style and course information are both excellent. Wish all instructors taught like Brad.

Ed, Student of Bootstrap Basics

This is the best course I have ever done. Well explained and I have learned soooo much! Brad I love your way of teaching and the great care you have taken in explaining everything. I never felt ‘lost’ and have followed the whole course with ease. I will definitely follow up with another one of your courses. Thank you so much. Wilma 🙂

Wilma, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

I started taking these classes at midnight and I couldn’t stop. The teacher is very engaging and teaches you a lot in each lecture even if it is a 1-2 min lecture. The “Get Your Hands Dirty” part gets you to understand your progress from the beginning. I strongly recommend you take these classes simply because it teaches you a lot even if you are a complete beginner and it is not boring (very interesting.)

Jacob, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

Brad gets right to it and methodically brings the newbie up to speed with the basics of HTML5 and CSS with a touch of dry wit and oodles of experience. For someone who’s just starting out and doesn’t know where to begin, Brad is a godsend. Love the course, keep doing what you do!

Caleb, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

One of the best teacher on Udemy. I really needed a refresher and this course completely did the job. I even learned a couple of things! Thanks Brad and keep the good work going!

Maxime, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

Engaging course with a lot to learn. Brilliant resources, entertaining and skill-full teacher. I have finished the course with a great foundation in html and some advances techniques which will allow me to produce my own websites in the near future. Thanks Brad.

Andy, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

This is my second course with Brad and I’m currently taking a third. His courses are very well designed and structured. You will learn a lot from Brad and have fun at the same time!

Christine, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

Funny, knowledgeable, creative, and just down right awesome. Brad brings a interesting set of comedy to his course, along with great practical knowledge. Video’s are well done, and audio is clear. Upon completing this program I was able to code my first website and I’m currently expanding my education into JavaScript. Thank you.

Jordan, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

Your course exceeded my expectations! Thanks for your e-mail help in the beginning! Your teaching style, explanations, and hands on process completely immersed me into action. It kept me from getting frustrated and helped my understanding immensely! You made it fun to follow and easy to find mistakes and correct them as we went!!! Excellent in every way Brad!

Susan, Student of Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

Always please with Brad’s courses. I have taken all but one course that he has to offer (but that one is surely next!!) and all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Brad!!! All of your courses are amazing and I hope that everyone looking to advance in Web design and development will some how stumble on your courses like I did. I HIGHLY recommend any courses from Brad. He will teach you what you need to know without putting you to sleep!!!

Breana, Student of Bootstrap to WordPress

…The ‘Ultimate Web Designer and Developer Course’ is exactly what I needed. I am trying to re-train and do something different with my life. This course has helped me learn so much and set out on my journey. Every time I’ve asked Brad a question, he’s come back to me with a good solid response every time as soon as he can (he’s a busy man I think). All in all, if you want to learn to code a site or you want to get into web development as a career. I’d recommend starting here.

Robert, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Brad takes you from don’t know where to knowing where in this course. He starts from the basics to knowing how with hands on training. You code and go, or just sit back and listen then code. Brad makes things very interesting as he goes along. You learn about coding, layout, colors (colours) fonts and other fun stuff. I high recommend This course to anyone that wants to learn to be a web designer or developer.

Tom, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Brad Hussey is a professional web developer. He is sharing real life experience and small tips that you will not find in other courses. Not to mention that this course covers almost everything about web design. Good presentation flow, very easy to follow along.

Igor, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Great course!!! The material in the course has a broad coverage which will give you an understanding of what tools and knowledge you must know to succeed as a freelancer (developer). Brad’s understanding in these key area’s is expert and the way the course flows is perfect. His lectures are in depth and his personality is entertaining. I will continue recommending this course. I stumbled across this course while in pursuit of modern web design and development techniques and knowledge. My 9-5 job is web development for business web apps; highly customized, not modern at all. I was hoping to find a couple gold nuggets with hopes to fill in the gaps while watching the videos at double the speed. However, I found myself coding all of the projects, learning a ton of new material all while ‘looking over the shoulder’ of a professional. It was great to get a different perspective of coding that added so much value to my styles and techniques. My point is even if you’re a seasoned developer, you’ll find quite a few nuggets in this course. Again, highly recommended! Thanks for putting yourself out there and putting this course together, Brad!

Justin, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Brad is engaging fun and inspiring. The course content is excellent and the enthusiasm that Brad has for sharing is contagious. I have viewed a number of Web Dev courses on Udemy and other providers and Brads is one of the best. Cheers

Nicholas, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Covers A LOT of different aspects. Easy to follow, informative, and even entertaining. Loved the projects, and the pop quizzes here and there helped me to know if I was actually “getting” it.

Michael, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Brad takes you through front-end web DESIGN and development. The former is something that you don’t get much in simple tutorials. You can be a great coder, but if you want to freelance you’ll have to start learning what looks good and how to get it there. Brad keeps the course fun and interesting, and he achieves a great pace. Going slow and steady on the confusing parts, then speeds up a bit on the simple sections like hex colors and simple HTML/CSS. Thank B-rad!!!

Ryan, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am. Thank you so much, Brad, for making this course. I am not completely finished with it yet, but I am giving it 5 stars because I have struggled for a year to find quality tutorials on here and none of them (even the very expensive ones) have even come close to yours. It has taught me so much and I truly feel as though if it weren’t for this course I would have given up. You gave me hope, knowledge, and potential. I am looking forward to completing this course and moving on to other course that YOU have created!!

Brena, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Great course for both new web developers and those who have published a few sites. JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress. Some of this course was review for me and a lot of it was stuff that I had not learned during my degree program through a university (BS-BIS). Brad keeps students engaged with a bit of humor mixed with excellent material.

Joshua, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

The course is very well organized. The instructor really takes the time to break things down in a way that students can easily absorb. The projects are awesome. After completing each project, I felt that I have learned something of value that I can apply in the real world.

Mike, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

I am a long time self taught entrepreneur, and spend endless hours diving down rabbit holes on the internet trying to add to my skill set. With confidence I can say that this was one of the BEST purchases I have ever made, and thoroughly enjoyed Brad’s humor and insight through out. Take this course, you’ll be building custom websites in no time.

Matt, Student of Ultimate Web Developer Course

Brad produced very professional material for our campaign – both for our website and our electronic marketing pieces. The feedback we have received has been excellent.

Carla Tadla, Student of

I have just returned from a recording session spent with Brad Hussey, and highly recommend him for any position in the music industry.
During my recording session, Brad produced, directed and recorded a single track for me, as a surprise gift for my family member.

When I inquired regarding my “surprise song”, Brad assured me he could learn any song on guitar and play the track to accompany my vocals. As an amateur vocalist, my nerves where soon tempered as Brad encouraged me through the song and made suggestions on how I could improve my performance, in a kind and respectful manner.

Brad has the unique ability to put people at ease and create a high level of comfort and calm without being judgmental, highly critical or condescending. Brad uses his talent for music and strong editing skills to the best advantage of all involved in any music project.

Michelle Binkley, Student of

Brad came on as a summer intern in 2010 and did a fantastic job above our expectations with a new company logo, audio/video productions as well as great web designs. Brad is hard working, well organized and reliable, and easy to work with to boot! We still have him work for us even through he has returned to school full-time.

Len Layton, Student of

Brad has provided our clinic with an excellent web presence. He listened to our requests and was able to incorporate them into creating the site we had envisioned. I found Brad to be highly organized, hard working and very willing to answer our questions.

Paul Fleming, Student of

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